• De-Thatching is a process of power raking up previous grass clippings that were intended to remain and rot their nutrients back into your soil. Unfortunately, not all of the bio mass disentergrates. The remaining material forms a barrier preventing future water, nutrients and seed from fully reaching the soil. Turf pests also love this protective layer and will use it to shelter their young against the elements and efforts to eradicate them. Many think of thatch as having the ability to hold moisture for the turf. The best way to hold moisture in the turf is with more turf.

      You can stop waisting a portion of the money you pay for fertilizer, weed and insect control program material that may not be reaching the surface. Get the most out of your lawn maintenance budget with thatch removal. Your lawn will thank and reward you with that very ambicious looking thick green grass that your neighbor’s will envy.