• About Impressive Lawn Care Inc.

    It's not just grass, it's the foundation for your home and life.


    At Impressive Lawn Care, we've been hard at work beautifying lawns in northern Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 2003. Helping clients see the full potential in their lawns has been our passion. Returning home to a thick and healthy, weed free lawn can promote a feeling of relaxation after a long day.

    We believe there’s a better avenue to lawn care. It takes a keen eye to see what has happened, what is happening and what is coming up, so we can educate and advise you regarding the issues that can affect the health of your lawn. There are many ailments that are attacking your lawn night and day. Our affiliation with trade organizations coupled with continuing education requirements and exposure in the field keep us uniquely informed of conditions and pests affecting your lawn's ability to thrive.

    Everyone gets excited in the Spring about the prospect of a nice green Summer lawn. There are many activities and distractions that can interfere with your ability to work on your lawn. We are passionate and professional about this every day. Take advantage of the regularly scheduled out of sight, out of mind work that we do and join other happy homeowners who understand the importance of getting professional attention at a value price.

    We use only the best professional grade products on your lawn. Our conscientious attention to detail is unmatched. Personnel are fully qualified Certified Applicators, not just technicians flying through your neighborhood seeing how many lawns they can spray in an afternoon. From fertilizer to plant health care, we’ll get you the healthy landscape you expect.

    Impressive Lawn Service Categories:

    • Lawn Care
    • Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care
    • Turf/Perimeter Pest Control

     If you really want to enjoy the outdoors this year without working and worrying about the issues attacking your lawn and living spaces, contact Impressive Lawn today for a free quote.

    Impressive Lawn services:

    • 5 and 7 Step Weed n Feed Programs
    • Aeration and Over Seeding
    • Tree and shrub care
    • Pest control including fleas and ticks
    • Mosquito control
    • Mole control
    • Disease management of turf and plants

    Lawn Care:

    When searching for lawn care services call Impressive Lawn Care. Our menu includes Standard 5 Step and Premium 7 Step Weed n Feed Programs. We use premium slow release fertilizer to ensure the correct nutrients are reaching the roots to build strong healthy turf.

    Weed Control:

    We provide full broadcast weed control as needed in the Spring and Fall and spot spraying during every visit as needed. Our fast acting products are designed to irritate the weed plants and most will react within a week or so. Feel free to call us for spot spraying if you see any after that.

    Core Aeration Service:

    The healthiest lawns receive Core Aeration twice per year during the high growth months. Aeration alleviates compaction and allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the root system to promote faster uptake and recovery. It is what is needed to build a strong top soil base. Over seeding is also recommended to aid in filling in weak areas and bare spots.

    Ornamental Tree and Shrub Care:

    Diseases and Pests are also attacking your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. While some are just unsightly, others can be devastating. Every year is different so we keep up on the latest trends through continuing education within the industry so you get the best results.

    Turf and Perimeter Pest Control:

    Creating a beautiful outdoor landscape is awesome unless insects interfere with your ability to enjoy it. Insects like mosquitos, spiders and ticks carry disease as well as being just plain irritating. Our maintenance programs create a barrier between you and the insects allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors.

    Impressive Lawn Care Certification:

    At Impressive Lawn, all personnel are Certified Applicators not just technicians. Certifications are awarded through both Purdue University and the Indiana State Chemist.

    • Turf applicator license
    • Tree and shrub applicator license
    • Perimeter pest control license

    Our passion for outdoor beauty compels us to stay on the cutting edge of new products to maintain the health and vitality of your lawn. Your satisfaction is our primary concern. If you are not satisfied we will work to make it right including between treatment service calls. That’s how we can say “Satisfaction Guaranteed Since 2003”. Join our family of happy customers and see what the professional/personal touch can do for your lawn and landscapes.